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With our youngest children we will encourage them to choose what songs they want to sing through actions or sounds. They will then take it in turns to sing everyone’s songs. Right from birth we encourage and nurture their social skills to enable them to gain sharing and turn taking skills through playing in small groups.


As they get older we play games specific to turn taking and then free flow environment encourages collaborative play and sharing of resources. In our pre-school they have daily votes on what stories to read, to show them democracy in action so that they know their views count.


In our toddler room they are asked what activities they would like out when the staff are changing things over, so that they understand the value of asking people’s opinions and that you have to fairly distribute ideas.

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In the pre-school the children create their own rules each year with the guidance of the staff. These are then explained to all newcomers so they can have an input.


In the toddler room they have a few simple rules about tidying up that are agreed with the children. All staff follow the general rules of the nursery, such as no running or shouting indoors, so that the children understand that the rules apply to everyone.


We help children to distinguish right from wrong by using our positive behaviour management policy from babies onwards giving lots of praise for good decisions or acts.


If children are not using their ‘kind hands’ they will be moved away from the current activity to learn actions and consequences.

Babies and children build their self-esteem and confidence through our positive behaviour management policy. Praise is given when children try things for themselves at meal times, the toddles using the potty or toilet or the pre-schoolers getting themselves ready to play outside independently.


Children are given choices at meal times to understand that others may have different opinions, starting with the choice of milk or water at snack time to deciding if they would like snacks at all in pre-school.


Art activities are open ended to allow children to explore without fear of getting something wrong or not meeting an end goal. Free-flow play also enables the children to develop their self-knowledge, opinions and risk taking abilities with an adult always close by for support.

We encourage all children to access every area that is available to them, whether this be girls in our construction site or boys in the home corner. We challenge stereotyping further by having different cultures represented in our small world and home corner toys.


Throughout the year we look at multiple themes from different countries and cultures and will always invite parents in to talk about these or other things such as their jobs.


Through our ‘All About Me’ theme we look at the similarities and differences between our families and what makes each one special. Children learn to be tolerant of different family set-ups and this is reinforced through pictures around the nursery.

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