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Dayshare is a system we use that provides our parents with a daily online diary, allowing them to share in all the exciting things their child(ren) get up to from wherever they are from either a desktop or tablet!


Dayshare allows you to keep track of:


 •  What your child ate

 •  How many nappies they had

 •  How many naps they had & how long they were

 •  What activities they took part in


The benefits of Dayshare are:


 •  You can keep updated about your child’s day throughout yours – helping

    you stay close to them


 •  It keeps your child safe by recording pick-up and drop-off times as well as

    which carers are doing the picking up and dropping off


 •  We can attach lots of photos; providing you with a visual representation  

     of your child’s day

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Footsteps allows us to record detailed EYFS observations for every child in our care; making it easier to identify individual development pathways.


Footsteps allows us to:


 •  Collect detailed observations using pictures as evidence

 •  Calculate how each child has progressed whilst in our care

 •  Plan each child’s next areas of development

 •  Provide you with a regular newsletter detailing how your child has