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Don't just take our word for it, read what our parents had to say in our 2015 annual survey!

Are there any times where a staff member has gone above and beyond what you expected?

"All the time, the staff in the Butterfly Babies always know what activities my child will like and what will interest her."


"All staff are open and approachable at drop off and pick up times."


"Miss Victoria kindly fitted us in on an extra-early coffee morning session to enable other family commitments to be met."


"Many members of staff regularly go to great lengths to help the children."


"Miss Steph has dealt sensibly with my child’s medical condition without making an issue of it."


"Miss Abbie has always been so enthusiastic towards my child."


"Miss Abbey using her common sense with my child’s room movement to minimise disruption to her and cause her less distress."


"Yes, the staff always take the time to talk to me even when they are busy."


"Miss Anne for comforting my son every morning when he went from 2 days per week to full time."


"Miss Beth changed her hours so that I would see her in the morning once a week."


"Miss Amy and Miss Paige are fantastic with my child and really ‘get’ him for the wonderful little person he is. They are a credit to Favours as are the rest of the Red Ladybirds team."


"All staff in Busy Bees go above and beyond for the children’s needs from what I can see, they have always made me and my child feel very comfortable."


"Always, the whole team put the children first."

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What first attracted you to Favours?

"Caring staff who seemed very welcoming"


"The warm welcome from all of the staff, Abbey gave us a brilliant tour and was very knowledgeable and friendly. I instantly felt at ease and confident to leave my child in their care."


"When we first contacted Favours to request to look round we were advised there was no need to book, just turn up. As the visit wasn’t pre-arranged we saw the nursery in normal working conditions and were very impressed."




"Flexible hours"


"Children’s journey folders"


"Caring staff, friendly atmosphere, lots of space"


"The care and attention to detail regarding children"


"Initially location and then the staff and the environment."


"Favours staff were friendly and showed focus on helping children learn and develop."


"The large outdoor areas and the nursery’s reputation."


"The busy atmosphere and variety of opportunities. I felt that my child would be engaged and have the chance to learn."


"It was the one nursery that made me happy to leave my child, the other nurseries I visited made me cry!"


"Highly recommended by current mothers at Moulton College, they gave great reviews on the homely feel and fun activities."


"The family run business – owners are very invested in the success of the nursery compared to some of the ‘chain’ type settings."

What do you feel are our strong points?

"Good, caring staff who always have time to talk to children and parents."


"Good facilities and a great mix of creative daily activities."


"Very friendly and approachable staff."


"Creating a calm and well organised setting."


"Sense of community and understanding of pressures faced by parents with the willingness to be flexible and help where possible."


"Multiple rooms for the babies with imaginative décor"


"Key staff are very knowledgeable."


"All staff are caring and open to children and parents."


"Excellent room layouts."


"You are very creative in the way children learn and encourage them to try new things."


"Communication with the parents and highly qualified staff."


"I love the books coming home and so does my child – he is always excited to read it at bedtime."


"Newsletters, Facebook and photos are all great."


"Coffee mornings are a lovely thing to go to as a family!"


"Helping parents when needed, even at short notice"


"Always listening and putting the children first"


"Ethos – learning through play, lots of activities and projects e.g. space project"


"Continually striving to better the environment – much better now there are only 3 classes (more space!)"

Any other information: 

"Thank you for providing such fantastic care to my child, we are really happy with the activities, food and level of communication provided."


"I know a lot of people who have had issues of one sort or another with their childcare provider, so I feel very fortunate that I have never felt at all worried about leaving my child at Favours."


"Knowing standards of care myself and my husband being a childcare manager I know that the standards in this setting are of the highest I have seen. There is excellent communication with the children and parents and most importantly my daughter has a wonderful time and we see her progress everyday."


"The staff at Favours are brilliant, always happy and approachable. It is nice to know my child is part of your happy family."


"I am confident that my child is in a place that is enriching her – she is learning loads and is very happy at nursery, thank you.

My child has settled in to his new nursery very well and I know that this is down to the staff. He sometimes asks if we can go to nursery at the weekend – usually when we do chores!"

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