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From the moment your child begins at Favours we work together building a sound foundation for his/ her future. Many studies have shown that for children to progress in the future they need a solid personal, social and emotional base and so that is what we aim to create first. Children that are secure, happy and feel loved have the confidence in feeling able to explore and try new experiences while learning at the same time.


We give children the opportunity to learn in a manner appropriate to their stage of development while all the time working towards school readiness for when they leave us. Children who are disengaged from learning are often those who have had formal education forced upon them too early; therefore learning through play (supported by the adults) is a big part of our day!


Children aged 2-5 are able to go outside come rain or shine and so can learn in the environment that best suits them.


At Favours Day Nursery you will see very few plastic toys as we love to use open ended resources. Open ended resources, such as pots and pans in the sand, are ideal for young children as they can explore these freely building their creativity and imagination skills along the way. There is no right or wrong way for the children to play with these which also helps to build their self-esteem. We also do not use any ICT equipment for the children at Favours Day Nursery, this is something we believe children have enough time to work on at home while we can get them really stuck into messy activities at nursery!


Each child is an individual so please come and see what we can offer your family.

Education at Favours The Early Years Foundation Stage

This is the framework that operates throughout the nursery. From the Butterfly Babies through to the Busy Bees, the children experience a variety of activities and are able to explore and investigate things around them.


The three prime areas:


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Communication and Language

Physical Development


The four specific areas:




Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design


All babies and children progress at the appropriate level for their particular stage of development. Observations and assessments inform the planning for each child and these are enhanced by parental input.

Bodies & Associations Regulating

The nursery is subject to OFSTED inspections and is a member of the Northamptonshire Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership. We are members of the Pre-School Learning Alliance and also the National Day Nurseries Association.

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