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We aim to provide your child with a healthy balanced diet along with an insight into culinary differences around the world. With management experience within the food industry for approximately eight years we aim to make this an enjoyable and interesting part of the day rather than simply a mealtime.


We offer a healthy and balanced diet for all children who attend, including at least 4 portions of fruit and vegetables per day. Fruit and vegetables are sourced from a local greengrocer and meat is purchased from a local butcher. No salt is used in any recipes and sugar is either substituted or kept to the bare minimum. Everything is made on site by our chef and we have a 5 star food hygiene rating.


Mid morning and afternoon snacks are provided and these are part of the overall balanced diet.


Please do not send your child to nursery with any snacks, sweets, cakes or drinks as this goes against our healthy eating policy and EU allergy laws. Every child's birthday will be celebrated with a cake made by us and their friends.


We grow fruit, vegetables and herbs in the back garden and we provide the children with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables avoiding genetically modified or processed food where possible. Food or drink containing additives are not used at Favours.

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A vegetarian option is available for dietary, cultural or religious needs. Special diets relating to allergies are also catered for; these are monitored very carefully by both the chef and staff. If your child has any special food requirements we will be happy to discuss this with you in advance.

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